Being able to feel the natural roll of turns and how a board is supposed to carve without its flex pattern being interrupted is something that not a lot of people get to experience with standard binding interface, I feel bad for those people and I can’t believe that the media hasn’t spoken more of these, it’s the best binding design ever and the only significant change to bindings since their introduction a few decades ago.

- todd richards

In the 30 years I’ve been snowboarding, there has been no significant change to bindings. Standard base, straps. Little things were tweaked and the are lighter/ stronger. Then along comes the Now binding; this design is the most radical thing I have ever ridden. So responsive, it lets the board actually work how they are supposed to.

I suck at turning, and these improved my turning by 50%. I ride the low back, and I turn better than I did with other brands with high backs. No more foot and calf pain.

- Mickey Leblanc

What I really love the most about Now Bindings is the Skate-Tech. The pivot helps me transfer my energy from heel to toe with ease.


For me its all about responsiveness. Being able to feel what my feet are doing without compromising performance is why NOW is my binding of choice. I am totally backing the skate feel I get with the bindings, but again no compromise, just performance.

- robin van gyn

Hi guys, I wanted to write this email to say congratulations for this amazing product. Last week i tried for the first time, trough a few days, the Selects here in Australia.

I’ve been riding since i was a teen ager, I have tested all different kind of bindings from the 90’s untill today but I never came across to a such well made product. the comfort, the response, the straps are a jewel! and this kingpin system works a magic! Theres no way on earth that i will come back to traditional system.

So thanks!!! Congrats to all of you!


From my first run on Now bindings I knew that going back to traditional bindings was not an option. I felt an increase in power to the edges, a decrease in chatter, and completely eliminated foot cramping because I no longer had to crank on my binding straps to feel connected to my board.

I remember when four hole discs were introduced in snowboarding. We were excited that we no longer needed to drill our boards and that we could mount a board in 5 minutes. But we all felt a loss in performance because all the power went through the 4 holes disc. Finally there is a binding that has taken the four hole disc out of the equation and the power is being transferred to the edge properly.


I’ve ridden a lot of bindings over the years. From baseless to the top sellers and have never experienced a binding like this! It makes you one with your board, giving you ultimate control but allowing you to have lots of maneuverability to still tweak tricks. I personally love how little play there is between your feet and the board. My binding and board feel like one solid unit instead of my binding flexing all over and feeling sloppy.


The binding gives you a step up in feel and comfort just when you thought you’d found your perfect binding. This is the future!


It’s certainly the best binding on the market. Sharp, direct and comfi! After 25 years snowboarding: that’s exactly what I was looking, for years, without success till now.

NOW Binding did it! A binding totally made for carving. Exceptional boards control, effortless in turns. This binding got the best grip in extreme carving. Can’t wait to see the future evolution of this killer!!


By far the best binding I have ever ridden. Seamless edging, unmatched heel hold, and light as a feather, fan of NOW Matt Garcia said. “I can’t wait till I can call a pair my own.

The Now Binding is an absolute game changer in the snowboarding market. It is a completely new beginning. I am very anxious to finally be able to test the binding for myself.


I’m a “loose trucks” kind of rider. For the first time in 25 years riding, I’m able to ride bindings that combine the response and precision you need at high speed or sketchy terrain with the freedom of movement I like when free riding and having fun!


Most of us thought there was never going to be any new technology through bindings anymore. As long as they held your boot in, they were good enough. Well, not anymore. Jf has created possibly the best new innovation to snowboarding in the last decade. These bindings are genius! The hardest thing about them is explaining why they are better than any other binding out there. But trust me, once you ride a pair, you’ll never go back.


- Romain De Marchi

The NOW bindings are technically designed by legendary snowboarders.

- Manuel Diaz

The focus of binding design over the past 25-30 years has been to hold your foot to the board as firmly and as comfortably as possible. Now is the first binding that is designed to turn your snowboard. The holy grail of comfort and response has been found from a more efficient tool; not gels and whistles.

- Alex Warburton

- Austin Sweetin

They perform like nothing else out there and are the brain-child of JF Pelchat who we caught up with in Denver at SIA 2012. These have been in the making for quite some time and have finally launched out and into the world kicking and screaming like the bastard child you’ve always wanted. If you skate you will definitely appreciate the technology behind these and the unreal skate style feeling they give cuz that’s where the inspiration comes from. I strapped into these thinking I wouldn’t last til the end of the run let alone the whole day with stoke. Instead I rode them bad beezies for two solid days and didn’t want to give them back when I had too. They are like strapping into a mix of Pantera and the bite of Mike Tyson to give you a more legitimate ride than anything else that bolts to a shred deck! Get some and find out why most of your shred idols are switching to this new HOTNESS!

- Heckler Magazine

Response is great with no delay in response. The rocking motion of the binding is subtle. To me it felt like an increase in pressure throughout turns rather than a major weight shift. They definitely dampen out chatter and felt like they were smoothing things out for me. I enjoyed the ride.

Conclusion: The NOW ipo is legit. Its hard not to be skeptical with “innovative new bindings” but I was impressed with the design and functionality of the ipo. Corresponding with JF made it clear that a lot of thought and passion has gone into these bindings and it shows. In 5 days of riding the ipo in a wide variety of conditions I found them very enjoyable with no time needed to adjust to them. NOW has attracted a lot of buzz and is poised to make a solid impact on the binding market.


- Mark Tremblay

Seven years in the making, a few patents, a killer team of old school shreds, and the most hype in snowboarding. That is what makes up the Now Bindings. Finally for those that have asked here’s the review and believe me they live up to the hype. The concept of the kingpin works. I realized that after the first hour of getting used to it. You have this level of micro play that changes the way you steer. Instead of having to drive hard into your boot flexing your knees, ankles, and hips you can do it more like riding a skateboard or longboard with loose trucks and pump the board through the ankles. When going through a kinked rail you have this bit of movement that allows you to absorb the kink better. Jumps weren’t an issue either. And for all you people speculating that snow will get caught underneath if it could have happened to me it would have with how slushy the snow was.

- Angry Snowboarder

The big deal with these bindings focuses on the way that they connect with the board. It gets a little weird, but I will try and explain it. The only parts of the binding that contact your board are the disc, and four urethane pads on the corners of the baseplate (the bright green pieces you see in the photo). This gives the binding the ability to absorb some of the natural flex and movement of the board, which cuts down on chatter and foot fatigue. When I heard about this change in binding technology my first reaction was that they would be un-responsive and a bit sloppy feeling, my fears were not justified. These bindings felt just like any other high end binding in respects to their responsiveness, where I noticed the difference was charging through the cruddy snow (that ski hills seem to have an abundance of). In the crud, these bindings seemed to offer a more controlled ride that gave you the confidence to keep your speed up and not worry about where you were going to initiate your next turn. Think about them as the difference between riding a regular skateboard wheel down a rough Cranbrook street, and the feeling of riding a softer longboard wheel down that same street. One is going to rattle your fillings out while the other can absorb some of that chatter.

The real standout to me was the quality of the straps and ratchets. Usually when a new binding company jumps on the scene, they seem to take a few years to get their straps and ratchets figured out, but not Now, they nailed it. The ankle strap was fairly minimal in comparison to some of the mega pillow straps that are out there, but was just as comfortable. The good thing about this is you aren’t wasting all that weight on needless straps. The ratchets had a really nice feel and held on tight, there isn’t much more you can ask for there. Overall these bindings rode well and are filling a very important space in the binding world. It is always nice to see a company that is owned and concepted by a snowboarder (JF Pelchat) doing something different and getting such a glowing response from the industry (they received the ISPO new product of the year award). Now bindings will be on the shelves at The Choice next fall for everyone to come check out, so keep your eyes peeled, because these guys are doing something new that could be a bit of a game changer.

- The Choice Board shop

This past February I had the opportunity to demo your upcoming binding at the SIA on-snow demo while I was there exhibiting for Backcountry Access. After I demoed your product, I didn’t really have the chance to talk with anyone and tell them what I thought about it in full as your booth was very busy, and for good reason, so I wanted to send an email explaining what I thought about my experience. When I began riding with your binding, the first thing that I noticed was how smooth it made turning and how easy it became to transfer from edge to edge. It almost felt as if the board became curved on the bottom but riding flat was still as easy as ever. When you would turn, it felt like you were leaning on the binding more rather than kind of pulling on it with a traditional binding. The feeling is incredibly hard to describe; you have to try it to believe it. With all the new “technology” saturating the market every year, I can see how it would be hard to think that this could be any different, but after riding these bindings it is my opinion that the skateboard truck-like mechanism in these bindings should be the standard. I am also love the option to remove the highback on the binding with no boot fit sacrifices. Although a snug fit is good for response, the foot bed did seem a little tight; I only wear an 8.5 and my boot barely fit. The ratchets worked well and the toe strap design really locked in the boot well. However I found the the ankle strap was incredibly stiff. I have a softer boot for park riding and I found that when I would bend my knees as I approached a feature, the stiffness of the ankle strap would cause my boot not to be able to flex at the ankle and it would force me onto my toe edge making park riding very difficult. Perhaps there could be a softer strap option, similar to the interchangeable rubber pads that go underneath the foot bed. Thank you guys so much for being at SIA and allowing everybody to preview your fantastic new binding design. I can only say good things about Now and I can’t wait until they go on sale next season. Thank you,

- Ethan Woodard

Dude, those bindings are unreal! Mounted them to my Jones Flagship after riding them a day on standard bindings (That board was a handful on standard bindings). Rode today with the Now bindings and it was like night and day. That board became totally versatile and manageable, instead of just a speed gun. “But at speed it was even better!” That binding not only takes out the chatter but it even smooths up those little bumps that want to make your board skip. The carving was definitely enhanced and seemed to make it easier to carve sharper turns on a board not really designed for that. Anyway, outstanding! I definitely want to discuss further the possibility of having Now bindings on some Jones demo boards at Valdez Heli Ski Guides next year. I think both products are something people are going to want (need) to try.


- Frank Bourgeois